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4chan Fit – How to Become Fitter and More Athletic

/sp/ and /fit/ are two of the most talented and most alpha boards on 4chan. As a result, they usually only leave their couches to watch the occasional match. The most recent match that these two teams played was the 2017 4chan Autumn Babby Cup match, which they lost.

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2013 Winter Cup

The 4chan Fit 2013 Winter Cup was a competition held on 4chan, the online community dedicated to playing video games. It was the second Winter edition of the competition and the sixth overall. The tournament was held over three weekends and featured a number of debut teams. The defending Autumn Babby Cup champions, /wg/, also made their debut.

The tournament features eight groups of four teams. The top seeds are placed in Pot 1, the next highest seeds are in Pot 2, and so on. The bottom teams are placed in Pots 3 and 4. The eight teams in each pot have two representatives.

2016 Summer Cup results

The 4chan fit 2016 Summer Cup has concluded. Many teams battled it out to see who could win the title in the eSports competition. This year’s tournament was played in Shanghai, China. The tournament consisted of 32 players competing for four Chinese qualifiers to the HCT Summer Championship. Each competitor had to devote many hours and possibly two weeks to prepare for the competition. Although the competition was intense, /gd/ narrowly made it through to the second group stage, where he became one of the eight competitors.


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