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i-5 accident today washington

An I-5 accident today in Washington left one dead and several injured, according to reports. Heavy hail caused multiple crashes on the highway, including one that killed a person and sent another to the hospital with unknown injuries. In another accident, a 75-year-old woman riding a bicycle veered into the median and was thrown from her bike. The Dump truck driver’s employer is being sued for wrongful death.

WSDOT website provides tools to help you stay informed about traffic conditions

A serious crash shut down Interstate 5 eastbound in Tacoma this morning. Multiple vehicles were involved in the crash, and traffic was backed up for several miles. State Route 512 was also closed at Portland Avenue East, which caused several lane closures and jammed traffic. Fire crews are on the scene, and they have reported seven patients on the roadway. Drivers have been advised to take alternate routes, including the Tacoma/City Center exit.

The Washington State Department of Transportation’s website has various traffic tools to help you stay informed of traffic conditions. A traffic map and a live traffic report are also available to help you stay informed of possible delays. The WSDOT 511 hotline can be used to report lane closures, construction, and reduced ferry services. Traffic management centers also report on road closures, collisions, and road closures.

WSDOT reports that all lanes of I-5 were temporarily blocked near Kelso

A hailstorm has caused multiple crashes on I-5 in southwest Washington, including one that left a man dead. The crash happened near milepost 41 near Kelso. The southbound lanes were reopened around 3:20 p.m., but northbound lanes were still closed for a few hours. One crash was fatal, and another involved a passenger truck and a bicycle.

WSDOT reported that all lanes of I-5 were temporarily closed near Kelso on May 21. A Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) team was quickly dispatched to the area and began gathering information on the collapse. FHWA staff conducted conference calls with WSDOT leadership and began gathering the necessary information and documentation about the structure. The team was also monitoring the condition of the bridge to make sure it was stable.

The bridge is a 1,112-foot (339-meter)-long structure with 12 spans. It carries four lanes of traffic – two northbound lanes and two southbound lanes. There is a concrete median barrier along the roadway. The overall width of the bridge deck is 60 feet (18.2 meters) and the roadway width is 56 feet (17 meters).

The contractor crews will be working nighttime to remove the overpass, and the roads will be closed until at least Sunday. Drivers should expect delays of up to 45 minutes during the day. A pilot car will alternate between one open lane and traffic is expected to slow down near the work zones. It is recommended to slow down and avoid traveling during the night. As long as the weather remains stable, this road closure will continue for a few days.

Pedestrian was wearing helmet

According to reports, a pedestrian was struck by a car on Interstate 5 near downtown Seattle this morning. The pedestrian, who was wearing a helmet, died at the scene. The Washington State Patrol says there were three to four separate crashes in the area. Three to five vehicles were involved in each crash. Drivers were advised to take an alternate route or prepare for an extended wait in the area. Washington State Patrol is investigating the crash.

The responsible driver in a car accident usually walks away uninjured. The pedestrian may face an uphill battle when dealing with their insurance company, so it is important to retain a skilled Clark County pedestrian accident attorney who can fight to secure full compensation for your injuries. Statistics show that pedestrians are significantly more vulnerable than drivers and should be protected. Washington State had 332 pedestrian fatalities between 2008 and 2012, which represents 14% of all traffic-related deaths.

Dump truck driver’s employer is being sued for wrongful death

After a wrongful death occurs in a dump truck accident, the victim must sue the employer of the driver. A dump truck driver can be an employee or a contractor. If the driver was an employee, they may be covered under their employer’s insurance policy. If they were not, you may have to pursue awards directly from the driver in civil court.

A dump truck accident can result in a devastating amount of damages. Even if workers’ compensation covers the expenses, an accident attorney will determine if there is a third party that needs to be held responsible. Regardless of who is to blame, dump truck accidents can leave victims facing massive medical bills, lost wages, and the inability to work. The dump truck driver and the construction company that owns the dump truck may have to pay out a large amount of money to compensate their victims.

The company that employs the dump truck driver is being sued for wrongful death following today’s i-5 accident in Washington. The dump truck driver’s employer was fined $1 million by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration after two fatalities. The company has also agreed to compensate the families of the victims of the accident. This is just the latest example of an employer being sued for wrongful death following a dump truck accident.

Pedestrian remains in water below bridge after crash

The Washington State Patrol is investigating a fatal pedestrian crash on Interstate 5 in downtown Seattle. A passenger truck struck the pedestrian and the driver remained at the scene until the Washington State Patrol arrived. The driver was not impaired. The crash blocked all lanes of the freeway near the Lexington Bridge. Southbound lanes were reopened before 4:45 p.m., but the northbound lanes remained closed for several hours. Drivers are encouraged to avoid the area.

The bridge was in poor condition when the accident occurred. It collapsed onto traffic on DC-295. The bridge is believed to have been hit by a truck. A crime scene investigation is underway to determine what caused the initial collision. The investigation is still ongoing, but authorities expect to open the road to traffic at the beginning of the morning rush hour on Thursday. The bridge collapse has caused a three-mile backup on DC-295. Northbound traffic is being diverted onto Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue and southbound traffic is being diverted to Eastern Avenue.

Other accidents along i-5 today

Another set of multiple crashes closed southbound Interstate 5 near Woodland, Washington this afternoon, causing the highway to be partially closed in both directions. The Washington State Patrol reported that two semi-trucks crashed near milepost 23 on the interstate. One car hydroplaned, while another crashed into a car in the opposite lane. The wreck caused the crash of the cars and the semi-truck. One of the drivers suffered a broken finger. The other driver was not injured.

One fatality involved a woman riding a motorcycle. Two other crashes involved three to five vehicles, including a passenger truck and a pickup truck. In one crash, a woman wearing a helmet was killed. Another, smaller crash involved a passenger truck with the driver injured. The man in the passenger truck was transported to the hospital, but his condition is unknown. The driver of the other vehicle escaped with minor injuries.

Another crash on Interstate 5 closed all lanes near the city of Federal Way, Wash., before 1:30 p.m. Multiple cars were involved in the wreck, according to the Washington State Department of Transportation. One driver ejected from his car, while two others suffered minor injuries. The collision caused major traffic delays. At least three lanes were closed, but were reopened just after 4 p.m.


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