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Beck Technology Releases DESTINI Bid Day, Bid Leveling Software

Before it is fully released, Beck Technology will be offering a free two-week trial of the DESTINI Estimator and DESTINI BID Day bidding leveling software. To reserve a free trial, preconstruction professionals can register today and receive a copy of the platform when it is available. This trial is designed for preconstruction professionals to evaluate how the technology works, and will provide valuable information that can help them improve their efficiency and accuracy.

Balfour Beatty helped develop DESTINI Estimator

Since implementing DESTINI Estimator, Balfour Beatty has enjoyed great success. The company’s preconstruction team has greatly increased efficiency by utilizing one integrated platform to gather and analyze all relevant data. The firm’s preconstruction team has also been able to capitalize on cost history to improve their performance and provide live feedback to both internal and external clients. Watch this video to hear more about Balfour Beatty’s experience with the DESTINI Estimator construction estimating software.

A global general contractor, Balfour Beatty has twelve offices around the country. The company’s preconstruction teams were utilizing as many as seven takeoff and estimating tools. The team utilized MC2, WinEst, Timberline Sage, Excel, and other tools to determine estimates. Balfour Beatty had seen the potential of DESTINI Estimator and decided to work closely with the team to ensure its success.

After implementing DESTINI Estimator at its offices, the company has reaped the benefits of cloud-based estimating. The software connects multiple estimators working on large construction projects and enables them to collaborate on the same estimates. This new cloud-based system also serves as a training tool for junior estimators and promotes more national collaboration. With the help of DESTINI Estimator, Balfour has significantly improved estimating processes and cut down on costs.

Integration with BIM

Integration with BIM in Beck Technology’s new DESTINI Estimator bid leveling software enables users to easily and accurately create estimates in BIM. This on-premise solution streamlines pre-construction estimating, cost comparison, and data management processes. Its advanced features enable users to create custom fields and categories and compare estimates to achieve better cost-management decisions.

The new solution also incorporates BIM and is designed to support multiple models. This feature ensures accuracy in the costing of the construction process and ensures compliance with the construction industry’s standards. DESTINI’s BIM integration ensures that users can easily compare and evaluate subcontractor bids. It is easy to use and integrates with powerful estimating software and features embedded training modules.

Web-based bid leveling process

The DESTINI Bid Day Web-based bid leveling process is designed to ensure that all proposals are equally competitive, thereby reducing construction costs by as much as 5%. The process begins with a thorough review of the general requirements of the project and breaks down the specific services provided by each bidder. Then, the bidders are asked to certify their bondability to the project, as required.

The DESTINI Bid Day web-based bid leveling software has been designed to eliminate the risk of subcontractor selection, and create visual controls for the general contractor to review and evaluate the various bidders. It also integrates with DESTINI Estimator and features embedded training modules for field personnel. Despite its new features, Beck Technology plans to continue the development of the DESTINI Bid Day.

As the DESTINI Estimator is integrated with DESTINI Bid Day, it solves complex problems in the preconstruction process. The platform is connected to Procore Drawings & Documents and Procore Financials and allows you to sort estimates in various ways. This Web-based bid leveling system allows for innovative bid leveling work, and is accessible anytime for business. Moreover, it offers the ability to compare current projects with previous estimates.


The latest version of DESTINI Estimator from Beck Technology, a leader in preconstruction data lifecycle, is now available to users. With automatic pricing, users can sketch quantities in one seamless process that significantly reduces the time it takes to complete quantity takeoff and build an estimate. The latest version supports BIM 360 system level quantities and is actively developed based on customer feedback.

Using DESTINI Estimator has allowed Balfour Beatty to implement DESTINI’s software two and a half years ago. Today, DESTINI Estimator is used by several U.S. general contractors, and the company continues to collaborate with Beck Technology on new features. DESTINI Estimator is cloud-based, promoting nationwide collaboration by connecting multiple estimators working on large projects. Moreover, it acts as a valuable training tool for junior estimators.


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