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How to Choose a Drinking Game

A drinking game can be a great way to break the ice at a party, get people tipsy, and have fun. There are many different drinking games to choose from, and you can even buy a variety of drinks to include in your game. Before playing a drinking game, think about what type of alcoholic beverage is most appropriate for your group. Keep in mind that drinks differ in flavor, alcohol content, and complexity. The type of alcoholic beverage you choose will affect the game you create.

A drinking game can be as simple as a bottle toss. Those who have a sense of humor and are always up for a challenge can get a kick out of drinking games. Drink-a-palooza is one such game. The game’s board looks a lot like a grid and has a Solo cup in the middle. To play, players roll a die to move around the board and must follow the directions on the space they land on. The main objective of the game is to collect a six-pack of mini-bottles from various spaces. To do this, players must land on bottle spaces and complete drinking tasks.

During the game, players take turns picking up a card. The person with the lowest card is “the dealer” and must guess the next three cards correctly. This is particularly helpful if you suspect that someone else has done these things. Players must guess the first card’s suit and the second card’s value in order to win. Alternatively, the last card must be higher than the second. You may also try a different game where everyone in the group takes turns guessing the mate of the next player’s cards.

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