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How Tall Is Luffy

How Tall Is Luffy?

If you’re interested in the height of a certain character in the Monkey D. Luffy series, you’ve probably wondered, “How tall is Luffy?” In the anime series, Luffy is taller than Nami Usopp, who is also about the same height. Sanji, who is also 19 years old, is a bit shorter than Luffy, but is as tall as Zoro.

Monkey D. Luffy

The anime and manga series One Piece follows the adventures of the Straw Hat crew and captain Monkey D. Luffy. While this crew is not the only one searching for the legendary One Piece treasure, they’re a cut above the rest due to their unique personalities and carefree attitude. The series is full of battles, foes, and adventure. To help you judge whether one of the characters is as tall as you think, we have compiled a list of some of their heights.

Luffy is not taller than an average teenager and is around 174 cm tall. However, he was much shorter than that when he was a baby. Luffy has long legs, thin arms, and a mop of unkempt hair. He also wears a straw hat. Luffy also doesn’t hide his emotions and is often depicted with a huge smile or a sneer.

Nami Usopp

Nami is the treasurer and navigator for the Straw Hats. He is tall and is slightly older than Luffy. Because of his Clima-Tact, Nami is both dangerous and cautious. He also weighs around 180 pounds. His height has not been determined by his measurements, but he is probably at least five feet ten inches or so.

Nami Usopp is one of the Straw Hat Pirates, a crew of pirates led by Monkey D. Luffy. The pirates are made up of at least 10 members, but their number grows as they recruit new members. The Straw Hats’ first ship is the Going Merry, and their second ship is the Thousand Sunny. The crew consists of a small number of sailors, but the crew grows as more people join the pirates.


Luffy Brook is the main character of the anime series “Sword Art Online.” His height is estimated at six feet two inches. His height varies slightly according to his appearance. The anime character is not exactly tall, though, and appears frail and taller than his real height. His skeletal body gives him great speed, and his ability to run and jump on water is also quite impressive. Brook also has the unique ability to project his mind. This allows him to move as if he were an invulnerable soul.

Franky is also a cyborg, but his proportions are still exaggerated. His body was damaged in an accident before the show started, and it is a mystery why he is so tall. During his pirating career, he has been repairing his wounds. Brook is already the tallest member of the Straw Hat crew before the time skip, but he grows another four inches after season 14.

Vinsmoke Sanji

Vinsmoke Sanji is the fourth member of the Straw Hat Pirates, and is the cook and fighter on the ship. Sanji’s full name is Vinsmoke Sanji, and he is 180 centimeters tall. He is an empathetic and protective character, and is a good choice for Luffy’s first mate.

Sanji was born into a dysfunctional and abusive family, so he was not raised by a typical royal family. The family is notorious in the One Piece world, and the members of the Vinsmoke clan are notorious killers. Sanji’s family was once the ruler of the Germa kingdom.

Nico Robin

Nico Robin is an archaeologist who is a member of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is also known as the Devil Child and the Light of the Revolution. He is the only surviving member of the island of Ohara. Nico is 6 feet, two inches (188 cm) tall. Nico also has an hourglass figure, which is emphasized in his revealing clothes.

Nico Robin has a slim figure, with a black shoulder-length hair. Her brown eyes are a dark color, and her nose is long and thin. Her skin tone is a darker color than the rest of the characters in the One Piece franchise. Nico Robin’s limbs are very long and contribute a great deal to her fighting power. Her slim waist and long legs make her very attractive.


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