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Nothing Is Impossible Lyrics by Planetshakers

Listen to Nothing Is Impossible lyrics by Planetshakers. This English Christian song is from their album titled “Nothing Is Impossible Through You.” Read these lyrics to know how to sing the song correctly. They are a great way to express your love for God and His plans for you. When you trust in God, nothing is impossible. With this song, you will find the strength you need to take on life’s challenges.

Nothing is impossible when you’re trusting in God

You’ve heard the saying: “Nothing is impossible when you trust in God,” but how do you really live by that? The Bible says that nothing is impossible when you trust in God. He is a faithful God, and nothing is impossible for him. Nevertheless, some people got offended because of this message, accusing the preacher of giving out too much hope. However, this word from God is based on truth. The word of God says that God is too big to lie to you.

Similarly, when Jesus said that it is easier for a camel to enter the kingdom of God than it is for a rich person, his disciples were aghast. They thought that being rich was a sign of favor from God, and Jesus’ response was “Who can be saved?” But Jesus explained that, “With God, nothing is impossible.” He can do whatever He wants, even the impossible.

When facing difficult times, you must not give up. God is with you and protecting you. You must not be afraid to ask for help. He will never let you down. His faithfulness is unwavering, and he will never let you down. It’s best to trust God than to rely on anything else. In a hard time, you must always look up to God and His promises.

There’s just one God

The Bible says there’s only one God, so there’s no need for two. The Bible refers to God as the only true god, and its passages in the Old and New Testament make this clear. The Bible is the only book that speaks about the one true God. If there’s more than one God, it’s not God. But according to the Bible, there is only one God. Hence, there is only one way to worship God.

The word for God in Genesis 1:1 is Elohim, a plural of El. The im-ending indicates that there are several parts. The plural form of El makes God seem contradictory, but this is a false interpretation of the word “God.”

The Christian creed calls for only one God. Christianity, however, is a blend of polytheism and monotheism. Christianity is the only religion that officially has only one God. The old gods became saints. Saints, ikons, and angels are all directly connected to this one true God. The gods of other religions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Eastern Orthodoxy, are not gods.

In pagan mythology, gods usually had multiple levels. They often had father and mother gods, and son and daughter gods. These gods often sought to establish their own power base in nations and religions. In the Bible, the word “world” refers to a unified system of spirituality, politics, and sexuality. The Bible does not mention the existence of two gods. That is why it is so important to understand the Bible’s position on the issue of gods.

While the term “Lord” may not always mean divinity, it does designate divinity. The Hebrew term for God, “Yahweh,” is an example of this. As the representative of God in creation, Jesus pointed to the Father as the true focus of worship. By pointing to God, the term becomes a more accurate description. It also has a better cosmological context. And that’s why “Lord” is not synonymous with “Lord.”

Although the ancient Hebrew scriptures date back to the second millennium BCE, monotheism in the Jewish tradition developed slowly, over many centuries. Before the Hebrews adopted the Christian faith, the ancient Egyptians had experimented with single-deity worship. Akhenaten was a mysterious pharaoh, and it is not known what exactly he did to the human race. But, while it is difficult to pinpoint a single origin of monotheism, there is no doubt that monotheism in the Bible can be traced to the ancient world.

There’s just one guide

There’s just one guide to nothing being possible – God. God made the universe and everything within it from nothing. And just like God, He likes to show Himself and be glorified by doing things that we would think are impossible. In fact, God is more glorified by doing things that seem impossible than by doing those that are easy. There’s no better way to worship God than to do things that seem impossible – and that’s why we should never stop believing in God.


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