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Sims 4 Update April 2019

Sims 4 Update April 2019

The latest update to the popular franchise brings several new features and improvements. Create-a-Sim mode is now available, allowing players to customize their Sims to meet their personal needs. There are also new traits and Style-Influencers. This new update makes playing the game even more fun! To learn more about what’s new in this game, read on! We’ve covered a few of the biggest changes in the latest update!

Create-a-Sim mode

The latest Sims 4 update brings new clothing and objects, a new career, and more. Create-a-Sim mode, or CASM, is a new way to play the game. The game will ask you several questions about your preferences, such as your preferred gender, hobbies, and more. The answers you give will affect your Sims’ traits, aspirations, skills, and careers. During the CASM, your Sims’ name is not firmly defined; you can change it later.

Players can now get rid of errors in the UI. Sims with the Vegetarian trait can no longer eat Mud Carp. Additionally, the Pet Toy Box will no longer rotate randomly when your Sim gets home. The UI also fixes issues with the “Litter-Matic Scoop-Free” litterbox, such as a cat’s poop. Lastly, NPC Sims sometimes failed to use the skating rinks in certain neighborhoods.

The new version of the Create-a-Sim mod offers more choices than ever. Unlike previous versions, the Create-a-Sim mode allows you to make your own potion. The recipe requires an apple, which is common and easy to find. A single potion can replenish four days’ worth of needs. In addition, there are also new color swatches.

The “Create-a-Sim” mode is an optional way to create a new Sim. Using the menu and the Create-a-Sim menu, you can create any Sim in any family. The new version also allows you to disable motive decay, send moods to your sims, and modify their names and inheritance. In addition to these features, the “Create-a-Sim” mode can be reverted back to the paused version if you wish.


The Style-Influencer career is a semi-active job. There are two branches to it. The first one is a simple home-based job. You’ll be able to give advice on style to your Sims or give them makeovers. You can also earn money by chatting online with other players. Here’s a brief run-down of the main differences between the two jobs.

A new photo-taking feature is included in the latest update. Now your Sims can pose for photos, and set backgrounds for the shots. All photos are saved in your Sims’ inventory. In addition, a new photography category has been added. You can even sell your paintings and create an empire. You can even sell prints! There are many other features, too! You can use the new photography mode to create a unique style in Sims 4.

Changing gender roles is an important part of The Sims 4, and this month’s update features more than a dozen new items. You’ll find Pride Flags of all gender identities, colorful clothing for children, and rainbow-themed CAS items. There’s even a new shirt with the movement’s slogan! There are a ton of new ideas to try out, too.

The new career Careers are another big addition to the Sims 4 update. There are also new clothing styles and hairstyles to try out. You can now build on hills, stairs, and even elevated platforms. It’s not as exciting as first person mode, but it’s still fun to experiment with new hairstyles and outfits. These updates are a great addition to the game.

Rodent habitat

The new update for The Sims 4 adds a new way to interact with your pet. The Sims must take care of their rodents, which means regularly refilling their food and cleaning their cage. They must interact with their pets by feeding them treats, playing with them, and observing them. Neglecting a pet could lead to Guinea Pig Disease. Hovering over their cage will indicate their overall happiness, activity, and hunger.

The game will no longer annoy you by interrupting them in their baths or showers. You can now walk through doors that have Country Curtains. You can also now get a massage autonomously in the Spa. NPC Sims will eat more when they are far away from trees. The ‘Create a Sim’ function will no longer be unresponsive if you’re far away from trees. And the new update will fix an issue where the console cheat window would become black when you’re trying to load a certain household. Lastly, the sale of a rodent habitat should no longer unresponsive if you placed a ‘Create a Sim’ option in the calendar.

Another important update is the addition of the Ghost and Death states. Rabid Rodent Fever is a new contagious disease that can cause a Sim to die violently. It’s a self-protective creature that will leave a horrifying ghost trail in its wake. Thankfully, the update includes many other fixes to the game, including the new “Rabid Rodent Fever” infection.

New traits

The Sims 4 update on April 16 added new traits and behaviors. While the developers probably meant no harm by introducing the new traits, some of the community members were unhappy with them. While it’s unclear if the new traits are a welcome addition or not, the developers did address the problem through Twitter. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the new traits that came with the update.

The Sims 4 has added a new breed of freelancer. The game has long been available for both Mac and Windows PC, but the freelancer update is expected to bring more diversity to the game. Players can now build more diverse households. The freelancer update is free for all PC and Mac users. There’s a new color for hair, and players can now change their sim’s face to reflect their true personality.

The Digitalistic Sketchpad object has been reworked with painting and Aspiration goals. The Lin-Z Smart Speaker no longer prevents Sims from viewing it. The Pre-Owned Painter’s Easel now gives Sims a Focused emotional aura. The Reset and Search buttons have also been repositioned in the Gallery. There’s more.

Vampire Sims created after the update will be able to gain points after they’ve reached Grand Master. Vampire Sims that already exist in save files will continue to have this problem. The update also fixes an issue that could cause Vampire NPCs to appear at a venue. If you try to save your game with these Sims in it, you’ll have to save and load the game again. The NPC Vampires would consume all of their Vampire Energy when you try to load them again.

New expansion pack

The new expansion pack in The Sims 4 will include a range of new jobs and objects, including the role-playing element of conservationist. It will also feature a new venue type: the pool. You will also have the option to change the color of the water. Additionally, the expansion pack will feature new CAS content, such as Mexican food. This pack will also include new clothing and furniture items, as well as some building elements.

The Get Together expansion will be especially appealing for social Sims. In this expansion, players can start their own social club, which will be a fun way to interact with other Sims without having to micro-manage every aspect of it. The club system will also be a welcome addition. However, there are some drawbacks to this expansion. If you like to manage other people’s clubs, you may want to stick with the Free Club expansion for now.

The base game of The Sims 4 feels a bit flat and bare, and the weather will have a big impact on your Sim’s emotions. The new expansion pack will also add new seasonal activities, such as hunting, fishing, and sailing. The addition of the new City Living expansion will also add a more realistic look to your Sims. However, it will likely create some problems if you have other custom content or mods installed.

New expansion pack in sims 4 update may include new animals, new jobs, and island life. EA also announced that the Island Living expansion pack will be available on June 21 for PC and July 16 for consoles. The expansion also introduces sustainable living as the main concept. In the future, The Sims will be able to live in an environmentally-friendly home. So, if you’ve been waiting for this new expansion, make sure to get the game as soon as possible.

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